Ask Emma: What if I can’t pass my 在线课程?

Ask Emma suggests creating an accountability system and utilizing the Access Center to be more successful in 线上 courses.



亲爱的爱玛, I am terrible at 在线课程. Last spring was 通过 far my worst semester grade-wise, and I don’t think I can pass another semester not being completely in-person. I’ve already heard from several of my professors and none of my classes look like they will have a face-to-face compon...

Ask Emma: How do I make friends with 在线课程?

 It's safe to say the most people want to meet 新 friends during the first few months of school. During the time of 新冠肺炎, Emma recommends meeting people outside of classes at both in-person and 线上 events.



亲爱的爱玛, Is it hard to make friends in college? I have a few really close friends from high school, but none of them are going to 华盛顿州立大学 with me. I’m worried I will close myself off to 新 people, or that I won’t have any opportunities because my classes are mostly going to be 线上.  怎么办?

Ask Emma: How do I escape the 朋友区域?

If you have a certain friend you hope to be in a 关系 with, it can be hard to navigate whether or not they have feelings for you back. Emma hopes to help 'Friendzoned' this week.



亲爱的爱玛, I have a friend who I’ve known for a few years, and we’re really close. I’m starting to have feelings for this person but I’m not sure if they feel the same way.  I’m a little anxious about saying something to them because I don’t want to mess up our 友谊 if they don’t f...


Dogs are great companions and deserve a forever home, but don’t get one if you can’t provide that.



亲爱的爱玛, Everyone I know has a dog or is getting one. I really want one but am living at home and haven’t been able to convince my mom yet. I keep suggesting that I can take it 回到学校 with me, but she still doesn’t like it.  Any tips on how to show her this is a good idea? 正弦...

Use 线上 marketplaces to supplement your 夏季 收入

If your 夏季 internship or job was canceled due to 新冠肺炎, you could make some extra cash with these tips from an Evergreen columnist.



The internet has become a place for people worldwide to purchase clothing, jewelry and other specialty items ⁠— especially in recent months due to 新冠肺炎. Here are some ways you can take advantage of this 新 market and make a few bucks from home. 卖掉旧衣服 有几个应用程序...

Ask Emma: How do I know if I’ve found ‘the one’?

If you feel like giving up on your 爱 life, take a moment to read Ask Emma's 忠告. She suggests to get rid of unrealistic expectations set 通过 movies.



亲爱的爱玛, How do you know that the person you're talking to is ‘the one’? I've had multiple failed attempts in the past, and to be honest, I'm gradually starting to lose all the hope, energy and sanity I have left.  Don't get me wrong—I know that I don't need a significant other to complete me. I just don't want ...

Guide: Being an activist from home

There are several 线上 campaigns and 宠物itions you can sign, all of which you can do from a mobile device.



With the current social and political climate, many people want to use their voice to make a social impact. However, with the threat of 新冠肺炎 still present, it might be hard for some people to go outside. Here are some things you can do from your computer.  注册投票 Voting is one of the best ways...

Guide: Where to hit the trails this 夏季

The Palouse area has a variety of trails and destinations ranging from Kamiak Butte to Moscow Mountain.



As we get closer to the peak of 夏季 weather, spend some time 在户外 and on local 徒步旅行 trails. Here are some of the best ones — in my humble opinion, of course.  kamiak小山县公园 Located about 30 minutes from Pullman, Kamiak Butte includes both steep hills and flat meadows that sa...

Ask Emma: I don’t know what to expect if I start school in the 秋季

As high school seniors graduate this spring and decide whether to attend 华盛顿州立大学 in the 秋季, a lot of unknowns are still up in the air. Emma advises seniors to keep tabs on the latest updates from the university.



亲爱的爱玛, I’m going to be a freshman at 华盛顿州立大学 in the 秋季 and I’m worried about what classes are going to be like. I was already nervous to transition from high school to college, but that was before everything happened with the pandemic. My parents suggested I take a 空档年. I would rather ...

Ask Emma: I broke my foot and can’t do any of my 夏季 plans

Being injured might feel like it's ruining your 夏季, but that doesn't have to be the case. Emma has suggestions for activities that are still possible despite the circumstances.



亲爱的爱玛, I am living in Pullman for the summer and I recently broke my foot. I’m not taking 夏季 classes or working right now; I decided to stay because I am still paying rent and a few of my friends are also here. I had a lot of things planned — mainly outdoor activities that are OK with ...

Ask Emma: How do I cure 夏季 无聊om?

Times like this may leave you feeling like there's nothing to do, but Emma has some ideas to occupy your time.



亲爱的爱玛, I’ve been at home for a couple months now. Spring semester is done and I’m not taking 夏季 classes. I am running out of things to do, other than watching Netflix. Any tips to cure 无聊om or make me feel productive? 真诚, “幽闭症” 亲爱的幽闭症, 谁ķ...

TikTok helps pass time, builds connections

TikTok offers users a way to learn dance moves, have a laugh and even shine light on different communities.



A popular social media app called TikTok rose to fame after transforming from an app formerly known as 音乐al.ly. During 新冠肺炎, many people found TikTok to be a good way to pass time. Angie Dakilla, a 华盛顿州立大学 junior multimedia journalism major, said she is known for her relatable content, which features...

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